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"Simple asynchronous Slack standups to stay connected while working remotely."

Do your standups in Slack.

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Installation into your Slack Workspace adds a friendly bot which asks pre-defined questions on your behalf. Configure the questions you want to be asked as well as the time and days they should be asked. Results will be published to a channel for full transparency.

I don't want to make things more complicated, just help people working focusing on work, not over-organisation. People use for:

  • daily standups with the remote team.
  • weekly check-in how everybody is doing
  • regular feedback on a project status for the client

Do your standups in Slack!


I am an independent developer, so I do not get paid for building this product. Therefore I need some money to keep up and running. Be sure that your support means the world to me and is much appreciated!


  • First 30 days are FREE
  • One standup
  • Max. 50 users
  • As many admin users of the 50 as you need
  • Giphy support 🙃

25€/month +VAT if applicable

Add to Slack


  • unlimited standups
  • unlimited users
  • optional: your own dedicated server instance

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